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- The system contains US government information.
- Users' actions are monitored and audited.
- Unauthorized use of the system is prohibited.
- Unauthorized use of the system is subject to criminal and civil penalties.
Please refer to IRS Publication 1075, Section for guidance and Exhibit 8 for examples. The targeted implementation date for this recommendation is June 9, 2017, which is 12 months from the date of the closing conference. Please report the finding status, including the detailed actions proposed or taken and the agency's actual or planned implementation date, in the CAP provided with this report. IRS will monitor completion against the agency's planned implementation date.
In using this system, you agree that you have no expectation of privacy and you acknowledge that the system and your use thereof may be monitored to detect improper use and violations of stated policy.

Use of this system is restricted to personnel within the Division of Workforce Services(DWS), personnel approved for access by DWS, and personnel approved by agencies authorized access by DWS. Unauthorized use of this system by persons who have authorized entry, or use of the system by persons who do not have authorized access, constitutes a security violation. Violators may be subject to disciplinary or civil action or criminal prosecution under applicable Federal and State laws.

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