Always-available internet connection. DSL and cable modems are ready when you are.
Amount : $60

Cable or a satellite system will provide you with a minimum of premium channels, including video, music, sports and pay-per-view.
Amount : $70

Mobile phone basic plan including unlimited calls and text messaging. If you go over your allotted data, be prepared to alter your budget.
Amount : $70

Although a land line phone is not as sleek or convenient as a mobile phone, it still does the job and for a lot less money.
Amount : $17

You will have to pay for that drink of water and shower and also pay to take the water that's left away.
Amount : $52

Whether you live in an apartment or house, you will need electricity or other energy to power things such as television, refrigerator, stove, lights and your Xbox.
Amount : $154

Pine Bluff


After you have a place to live, then it's time to get the lights turned on, the phone hooked up, and the cable connected. Decide which utilities you need to spend money on each month. Select one or more of the different options.
Utilities Expense
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